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The journey

An advanced hatha yoga teacher from India, qualified from the sri sri school of yoga in 2017, the art of living international centre, bangalore, India. I have been practicing yoga since I was 19, while studying architecture. I witnessed the changes it brought to my life which helped me to focus on myself as well as my work till date. This result, developed my interest in knowing more about traditional hatha yoga and spread the knowlegde among people what exactly aligns your mind, body and soul and balance your personal and professional life.

Who can join?

This class is for everyone including beginners, people with stiff body, stress or anxiety, painful joints, digestion problems and skin irritations.

My aim

To promote happy healthy living in this busy life by taking out just “an hour” time for yourself to disconnect from everything and dive inwards to calm and clear your mind by learning how to balance life by letting go of things beyond our control and self love.

Asanasa: deep relaxing and pain relieving stretches
Pranayama: Different Breathing techniques for detoxification
Dhyana: Acceptance and letting go.

I will offer:

- Group lessons Price: 10 euros / hour
- Unlimited month Price: 80 euors a month

Kratika dangi nicholl

06 89 86 63 90

Yoga Montpellier